invite you to find out more about your local government officials–what they do for you–or to you–and what you can do about them!
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"2020:  The Political Affiliation of Candidates in Non-partisan Elections"

School Boards - Water Boards - Judgeships - Town Councils: in any election, a candidate's registered political affiliation is a public record that voters have a right to know.  Registration as a member of a political party is presumed to be a declaration of support for the principles and policies of that party.
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"Election 2020:  The Arizona Answer Sheet"

Now available for every precinct in both Pima County and Pinal County.
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with all the State and local Democratic candidates in the precinct
AND clues to the Propositions!
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" Who Represents You? " 

now available for every precinct in:

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This informative flyer presents the names of all the current State and local government officials elected in partisan elections by the voters in your Precinct, with a description of the office, the party affiliation of the office's holder, and the date of the next election for the office. You can use it to introduce yourself to voters in your neighborhood. There’s space at the bottom of the page to write your name and contact information. It’s easy to print out copies (single-sided, all-black ink). Give your friends and neighbors the gift of political awareness!  Click on a county name, above, for a customized flyer for any and every precinct in that county.

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